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11 Rules To Always Follow For Healthy Hair!

June 28, 2020

11 Rules To Always Follow For Healthy Hair!

Wanting luscious hair is something that every woman dreams about! And why ever not? When you have healthy hair, you can create so many different looks for yourself with ease, whether it is the girl next door or a style diva! Then of course it’s a nightmare to see the quality of hair go down every day. In an age of blowout, dye and perms, the damage that can be caused to hair is unbelievable. But before you start feeling hopeless consider a few rules that will make your hair healthy with time!

  • Rule number 1

Wash your hair less number of times (True story)! Twice to thrice a week is suggested by experts. Hot water causes dry and fizzy hair. Wet hair is also at its most vulnerable, so washing hair too often causes breakage. Use a dry shampoo when you can to avoid damage due to excessive washing.

  • Rule number 2

Add a pre-shampoo before washing. It smoothens hair cuticles and causes less damage after wash. Use a natural ingredients based pre-shampoo conditioning instead of using harmful chemicals on your hair.

Vatika’s Hammam Zaith range of hot oil treatment creams offer intensive conditioning and deep nourishment that gives you parlor-like hair in the comfort of your home. Enriched with natural ingredients specifically selected for different hair types and hair needs, it gives you problem-free beautiful hair!

Vatika Hammam Zaith Range

  • Rule number 3

Use the right shampoo. Check the contents of the shampoo. Sulphate or no Sulphate, all shampoos contain detergents that remove oil and color from hair. Choose a shampoo which helps with damage repairing and has proteins that will strengthen the hair.

  • Rule number 4

Conditioner makes hair soft and smooth. Leave a conditioner for 5 minutes after hair wash and then rinse it. Conditioners are good for coating and protects hair from heating effect of dryers. Again, natural or herbal conditioners are better.

  • Rule number 5

Heat is not good for hair, hence, heat protectors should be applied from root to tip of the hair before using a hair blower.

Vatika Heat Protect Hair Serum has a unique lightweight formula enriched with argan, chamomile & sesame that protects hair cuticles from damage caused by heat & prolonged sun exposure and leaves it soft & shiny all day long. Now don’t let heat come in the way of your fun!

  • Rule number 6

Massage your head with slightly warmed coconut oil the night before you are to wash your hair. This done ones a week gives great luster to the hair and is amazingly relaxing.

  • Rule number 7

Use a good quality cotton towel to soak up the water after hair is washed. Cotton is easy on the cuticles and makes hair look smooth and healthy.

  • Rule number 8

Remember what happens when you remove a steak from grill, it still continues to cook. The same happens with hair after using a dryer and curling iron. Hit cold slot button of the dryer to reduce flatiron.

  • Rule number 9

A trick that works with all hair type is to sleep with damp hair in two loose braids. This loosens up curls, gives a beach wave effect and smoothens frizz.

  • Rule number 10

Weekly scalp treatment prevents blockage and inflammation that causes hair to thin. Dandruff shampoos are good for cleaning the scalp.

  • Rule number 11

Light oil massages at least once a week can create an amazing shine.

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